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Book our professionally trained Jawaahir dancers by contacting our Artistic Director at 612-872-6050 (no texts) or by email

Playful, dramatic, and always joyous, Jawaahir Dance Company performs a diverse repertoire of folkloric and more contemporary dances that will expand your perceptions of Middle Eastern dance with our professionally trained dancers. Jawaahir regularly receives glowing praise: "...[these are] dancers who have studied Middle Eastern dance with great devotion and who present it with authenticity and flair..." (StarTribune, Minneapolis). 

Jawaahir creates exceptional educational programs that include audience participation. Hear the traditional rhythms on live instruments, see the distinctive folk costumes, and experience the expressive dance traditions of Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Tunisia, the Saudi Gulf, and North Africa as Jawaahir introduces each dance with relevant movement, musical, and cultural information. 

Often students and audience members are encouraged to participate by clapping to the music and learning simple movements.

Our female audience members get to put on a gorgeous thobe (dress) over their clothing to learn simple Khaleegy movements that include hair tossing!  

Our male audience members get to swing a tahtib (cane) to learn cane techniques that include joyful mock combat!

  • We educate and entertain at school international festivals, school cultural learning days, library cultural dance series or events, summer community events, Girl Scout events, cultural day camps…
  • You may choose to have us present our program in a theater, in a more informal setting such as a school gymnasium, or in an open space in a community center or library.
  • We offer programs that run from 15 minutes to one and a half hours. 
  • We provide consultation services to assist you in choosing a program that’s perfect for you.

We send a professional dancer or dancers to add joy, beauty, and excitement to your special occasion. From cultural events to themed parties, Jawaahir has the experience and the resources to ornament your special occasion.

Our extensive repertoire ranges from traditional folk dances, presented in authentic costumes and set to authentic music, to theatrical pieces that bring the flair and imagination of the Arabian Nights to life! 

We provide everything from a soloist performance to a full company performance. We are perfect for your wedding, bachelorette party, birthday party, or any other festive occasion. We provide consultation services on music, cultural traditions, esthetics, and other resources to enhance your event. 

Our professionally trained dancers may: 

  • Present traditional Middle Eastern dances in folk costumes from a variety of countries. 
  • Present the traditional woman’s solo dance known as Belly Dance or Raqs asSharqi.
  • Come as costumed characters to add atmosphere. 
  • Perform to live or recorded music.

Whether it’s presenting a traditional dance with its regional music and costumes, or a contemporary dance with modern sensibilities, all of Jawaahir Dance Company’s performances are presented in authentic Middle Eastern style. Our shows are a feast for the senses! The music is mesmerizing, the costumes are sumptuous, the dancing is playful, dramatic, and always joyous! Jawaahir offers a variety of performance options and will tailor performances to meet your organization's needs and budget.  

  • Our performance will be adapted to the needs of your community. 
  • We can present a traditional or contemporary repertoire, or a combination of both.
  • We can perform to live or recorded music. (Live music is highly recommended.) 
  • We are able to present an evening of dances from a variety of different countries, from a single region, or an evening based on works of Arabic literature.
  • Our performances adapt to a variety of lighting and sound systems, for simple to sophisticated technical presentations. (A lighting designer is available.)
  • Our theatrical performance runs about 2 hours long.
  • Fees range from $5,000 - $20,000.