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Jawaahir Website

  Design and Develpoment    

Original website design by Joani Mullen. Current design and development by Jawaahir volunteers, with a small amount of experience and a large amount of dedication, Terry Joyce, Eileen Goren, Monique Benson, Hilary Smith.

Questions, comments, and suggestions can be directed to Eileen Goren at booking@jawaahir.org for conveyance to the hard working code warriors.



    Web Analytics


We have been gathering website statistics using Google Analytics for the last year. In a typical month the site receives pver 3,00 visitors viewing over 10,000 pages, from over 80 countries.


How our visitors got here
Our visitors have been equally split between visitors that who bookmarked our site or typed in our url (Direct Traffic), visitors who have clicked our site after a web search from a search engine, and visitors who have clicked through to our site from other web sites that link to our site (Referring Sites). Over the last year direct traffic has remained at 37% while reffering sites has dropped to 23% and traffic from search engines has increased to 40%. As the web site has improved more visitors find us through search engines.


Pie chart of website traffic sources.
  World map showing what cities visitors to our site came from.


Where our visitors came from
Of the 2745 visitors to our site, 1961 or 71% came from the United States with 1403 or 51% from Minnesota. Most surprising was that 17% of all visitors, 472 visitors, have come from the Middle East and North Africa.


The pages they visited while they were here
Of the 8553 pages viewed, the home page was viewed 2754 times. The Classes page proved to be the next most popular with 881 page views, followed by Event Details at 617, then Event Details, Pics & Vids at 488 page views.





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